Northern Dusk – Pendulum (Blood Moon – Album in Progress)

Maybe some of you already got an impression of my album “Blood Moon” which is currently growing in number of tracks bit by bit? The latest addition is a track called “Pendulum“, which is kind of an experimental deep house track.

Have a look and hear why I gave it this name 🙂

Release of Pacille EP

I am very excited to ‪#‎release‬ the first collaboration with ‪#‎german‬ ‪#‎techno‬ ‪#‎producer‬ hauknecht. We met on the ‪#‎dark‬ side and created two ‪#‎technoide‬ ‪#‎haunting‬ ‪#‎edits‬ out of our common ‪#‎inspiration‬. Have a look, give some ‪#‎love‬ and ‪DOWNLOAD‬ FOR ‪FREE‬!